CADNO - Electronic Roll Profile Measurement

CADNO measuring instruments are based on the proven, high precision scanning micrometer. In combination with state of the art electronics and software this user-friendly, durable and robust instrument is specifically designed for of the rough environment of rolling mills and roll grinding shops.

You can rely on the precision and reliability of this lightweight and sleek roll measuring tool with it's proven quality and performance track record of over 30 years. The easy-to-read panel displays only the relevant measured values for easy and fast results in the roll shop.

With the included software application, the measured values can be displayed as a detailed roll profile by the click of a button. This graph can be saved at each re-grind therby allowing the complete grinding history of the roll to be recorded from when it´s first used until it is scrapped.

CADNO will deliver all important performance results of the roll so that internal quality control is made easy. Meaningful, independent and reliable information is essential before every roll is sent forward to the mill.

The CADNO allows consistant improvement and monitoring of the grinding process and rolling operations. The quality and productivity of the roll fleet can be improved while mistakes are eliminated. The high cost of new rolls makes the CADNO roll caliper an essential purchase for every roll shop.


The rugged, self-contained instrument - which has a proven track record – is easy to use, having been designed for continuous use in the harsh conditions of the average roll shop or mill. The accompanying software application provides attractive on-screen graphics and printouts of the roll profile together with other recorded information for sending forward with the roll as a guarantee of grinding performance. The price is considerably less than an average pair of rolls and will be recouped in a very short time through better roll usage and improvements in product quality.

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